A FRESH perspective, insights and results driven marketing solutions.

'In many ways they are used as an extension of the marketing department. The projects they have worked on are very varied but include:
• Extensive qualitative research that has delivered real insight and practical, actionable findings
• Strategic advice on the brand, brand positioning and brand planning
• Briefing and managing the production of high quality communication materials including a corporate brochure and advertising using their own network to deliver these.'
‘What sets FRESH apart is their practical approach to client's projects. In analysis, they are not afraid to dig out the real, root-cause issues using some innovative (and fun) techniques to get to them.'
'Data FRESH was able to glean from our staff is proving invaluable in informing our future business development and strategy plans. In my view, having seen FRESH at work, nobody could have managed this better nor delivered a more robust strategy.’
‘I called FRESH in and agreed a series of creative workshops which seemed to achieve the impossible. A clear brand strategy with everyone facing in the same direction and above all it was fast and fun. I would recommend them to anyone.'