About Fresh

Let’s Talk FRESH (FRESH) a marketing, PR and research agency, launched in 2000.
Throughout that time FRESH has been fortunate to work on some wonderful business, large and small, UK and global, with some great clients.

When it came to a much needed website redesign, it seemed only natural to ask our clients to tell you about us.  So, here our clients have their own say about what they feel makes us tick and why they work with us.

It’s with grateful thanks to all the kind clients who contributed with ideas, quotes and testimonials, that we share this new FRESH website with you.

We hope you like it.  Please do get in touch if you like what you see.

'We urge you read further. We've all come together to help FRESH so these are not the usual platitudes but honest stuff about a great little consultancy that punches well above its weight. And FRESH thinking is what we all need right now midst this greatest global pandemic challenge of our time.'
'...I agree. What's on the tin is what you get, whether you are a client or a supplier, like myself. You'd go a long way to find a company that's as good at what they do and great with it.'
Richard Dunwoody MBE