'….a FRESH approach. By applying inspiration to business. By marshalling and managing ideas. By asking different questions. By working differently. By always being collaborative, supportive and reliable.'
Ali is a great talent, insightful and hard working. When she pitched there was no question that she would win our business.'
Lord Stuart Rose
'The FRESH tenacity and resilience are second to none. Ali’s determination delivers the outcomes she aims for, always with incredible attention to detail and the very best interest of the client at heart.' 
Noel Fitzpatrick, THE SUPERVET
'The professionalism and commitment shown by FRESH is particularly noteworthy. What impresses me specifically is the close follow-up that is done for any project. They make the effort to understand the business on-hand and get to  know the people involved.   The brand positioning initiative would not have moved forward as effectively and expeditiously, without them being involved.'  
'I wouldn't want to oversell, but FRESH have provided the best research service I have experienced in the last 5 years.' 
Procter & Gamble
'FRESH offers the ability to be able to plug in very quickly to a diverse and robust range of strategic communication tools and consultancy advice. FRESH is very genuine 'fresh' thinking not just this month's favourite idea re-spun to fit the brief.'
'FRESH is down to earth, passionate, yet practical and gets things done.  FRESH thinks 'outside the square' but not 'off the planet' and if your requirement is for innovative, well thought out strategies that can be implemented without recourse to the World Bank for funding, I would commend FRESH to you.'
'Simply put, I have rarely worked with a consultancy that has stimulated the level of insight, invigoration and downright efficiency that FRESH has.'
‘If you want for things to happen, to get things done, then look no further.'
  Compassion in World Farming
‘It’s just a pleasure to work with FRESH and I have total confidence in everything that they do.' 
'FRESH provides a great sounding board. I value the knowledge they have built up on our business and the fact that I can rely on them not only to have ideas but also to run with them.   The Lutron business could not have moved forward as effectively nor as quickly, without their assistance.'
‘FRESH is THE best. But don't take my word for it...for a small price you achieve genuine solutions and it's always an enjoyable experience.  It's a promise FRESH delivers without compromise, you won't be disappointed.' 
'ROI is very high with FRESH. They always deliver big time, quickly, efficiently and conclusively. No job is too large or too small. FRESH is also wonderful to work with.  Who could ask for more?'
'True to their name and ethos, FRESH indeed brings a 'Fresh' approach which is empathetic to the business and yet in a professional and structured way, challenges conventional thinking. I recommend 'Let's Talk Fresh', without reservation.'
'I would personally choose FRESH over some of the larger agencies any day, mainly due to the added value provided, which tends to get lost at a larger agency level.  I am surprised and delighted by the added value that FRESH constantly provides.' 
Countryside Properties